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Visits to ENRD Contact Point

Five newly established LAGs from Bulgaria visit the ENRD Contact Point
Brussels, Belgium - 24 April 2012

Representatives from 5 recently established Bulgarian Local Action Groups (LAGs) visited the ENRD Contact Point to learn more about the structure and the role of the ENRD and the activities which focus upon Leader. LAG managers and experts were in Brussels as part of a study visit in Belgium to be guided and informed on the structure, the duties and the work activities of EU Institutions, Rural Development Networks and single LAG’s. This initiative was carried out under a technical assistance programme launched by the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Rural Development Directorate (Leader Department) addressing training needs for LAGs and officers from Managing Authorities. The objective of the study visit was to give participants a real insight into the work of EU institutions,the value of networking both at European and national level and to seek cooperation possibilities through interaction with other LAG’s. Contacts were established -among others- with DG Agriculture and rural development of the European Commission, the European Leader Association for Rural Development (ELARD) and the Flemish rural network.
Participants also had the chance to visit and engage in exchanges with other experienced LAGs in Wallonia.