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Seminars and Conferences

Financing for LEADER/CLLD: Opportunities and relevant practices
Brussels, Belgium: 12 November 2013


The workshop is part of the series of ENRD activities for the preparation of the programming period 2014-2020, with enhanced focus on implementation issues. It aimed to:

  • Identify effective funding mechanisms for LEADER/CLLD and how these can be integrated into the relevant policy delivery mechanisms
  • Outline specific challenges in relation to the funding of LEADER/CLLD
  • Exchange and discuss possible practices and solutions

The financing of LEADER involves a many layered system with multiple stakeholders supporting the delivery of the approach. This system of financial support can therefore play a significant role in enabling or stemming effective delivery. The impact of the financing systems on the efficacy of the RDP means it should not be regarded as a system of rules developed and managed in isolation. Sharing the best practice which has been elaborated managingfor the management of financial support will enable all stakeholders involved to support enhanced delivery of the LEADER approach.

The workshop brought together more than 100 stakeholders involved in LEADER programming and implementation:

  • LEADER subcommittee members
  • National and regional Managing Authorities
  • Local Action Groups (LAGs)
  • Paying Agencies
  • EU institutions
  • EU networks