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NRN Meetings

21st NRN Meeting

6-7 May 2014, Kendal, England

Background/Preparatory Material

  • Summary of the discussions from the 20th NRN meeting [PDF en]
  • NRN meeting Agenda [PDF en]
  • Field visit Agenda [PDF en]
  • Summary of the meeting [PDF en]

Field Visit

  • Welcome to the Cumbria and the Northwest - David Hunter [PDF en]
  • Northwest Livestock Programme 2009-2013Louise Maguire [PDF en]
  • Livestock monitor farms and networksKath Lowe [PDF en]
  • The Woodlands Advisory ServiceNeville Elstone
  • Cumbria Woodlands: impact on businesses and area developmentKerry Cooper [PDF en]

Session I: ‘Retrospective’ on the national and European networks during 2007-2013

  • The added value of networking: achievements of national and regional rural networks during the 2007-2013 programming period
    • Adrian Banford, Cumbria Dales and Fells LAG (UK-England)
    • Xavier Delmon, Wallonian RN (BE) [PREZI - ZIP ]
    • Mariam Sánchez Guisández, Spanish NRN (ES) [PDF en]
  • The main outcomes of ENRD Self-assessmentEdina Ocsko, ENRD CP [PDF en]

Session II: Rural networks today & tomorrow

  • Setting the scene on European-level networkingMatthias Langemeyer, DG AGRI [PDF en]
  • Overview of the “NRN in transition mapping exercise”Elena Maccioni, ENRD CP [PREZI - ZIP ]
  • NRNs’ networking needs: Perspective of a ‘new’ NRNVlatka Pavlinic, Croatian NRN [PDF en]

Session III: Understanding NRN evaluation and self-assessment

  • Presentation of common monitoring and evaluation system legal requirements for 2014-2020Christophe Derzelle, DG AGRI [PDF en]
  • Feedback from the EEN good practice workshopEric Nieto, Evaluation Helpdesk [PDF en]

Session IV: Recent and upcoming activities for NRNs

  • Results/outcomes of the NRN peer-to-peer training “Networking for Innovation” and other related activitiesNele Vanslembrouck, Flemish RN [PDF en]
  • NRN guidebook concept & developmentInes Jordana, ENRD CP [PREZI - ZIP ]
  • ENRD event “6 Years of Connecting Rural Europe”Michael Gregory, ENRD CP [PDF en]

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