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ENRD Meetings

13th NRN Meeting

10-12 November 2011, The Hague, Netherlands

  • Agenda [PDF en]
  • Summary of the meeting [PDF en]

NRN Current Activities

  • Overview of the Network
    by Marga de Jong and Rob Janmaat (Dutch NRN) [Prezi Link EN]
  • Proposal to compile a book on “Innovative Rural Europe – Best Practices and New Insights across European Rural Regions”
    Hans Bergstrom (Finnish NRN) [PDF en]

Update on Rural Entrepreneurship Thematic Initiatives:

  • Rural Finance
    by Donald Aquilina (ENRD CP) [PDF en]
  • Social Aspects and Forestry
    by Mark Redman (ENRD CP) [PDF en]

Demonstrating the “Added-Value of Networking”:

  • Rural Networking Post 2013
    by Rob Peters (DG AGR) [PDF en]
  • Demonstrating the Added Value of Networking
    by Anja Hayes (ENRD CP) [PDF en]
  • Introduction to the Workshops
    by Mark Redman (ENRD CP) [PDF en]

NRN Knowledge Exchange Clusters:

RDP Projects Database:

  • Update on Progress and Next Steps
    by Anna Augustyn and Adrian Neal by (ENRD CP) [PDF en]

Forthcoming Activities of DG AGRI and ENRD Contact Point:

  • Update on the Forthcoming Activities
    by Adrian Neal (ENRD CP) [PDF en]
  • Introduction to the 14th NRN Meeting
    by Petros Mouchas (Greek NRN) [PDF en]

Field Visits –Midden Delfland Region:

Dutch Rural Parliament:

  • Background Information about the Dutch Rural Parliament [PDF en]

Photo Album

  • Please click here to see the images of the event.