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Fairs and other events

ENRD at the Youth entrepreneurship conference & the Nordic-Baltic Network Meeting
22-23 October 2013, Jurmala, Latvia


The ENRD was invited by the Latvian NRN to participate in the ‘youth entrepreneurship conference, which was an occasion for to promote the work done by the ENRD’s youth initiative (see the link) and youth event, scheduled for the 11-12 December 2013. The conference was intended by representatives of NRNs, MAs and young entrepreneurs and young people interested to start up a business in rural areas. Some 100 people attended the conference.

During Day 1 field trips showcasing young rural entrepreneurs were organised, including to: ‘Saules Ceplis’ where ceramics are produced using traditional and ecological methods; to a horse farm run by a young farmer; and to a fishing and tourist business.

The second day was dedicated to the conference and the debate focused on three main questions: how to make rural areas more attractive for young entrepreneurs; how to engage young people in entrepreneurial activities; and how to help them to start a profitable business. Representatives of different countries, namely Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden, UK-Wales and Russia, presented the support and measures offered to young entrepreneurs in rural areas.

The Agenda and other material from the conference can be found at the following link


The conference gave a thorough overview of the steps undertaken by the networks in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions to support youth and young entrepreneurs in rural areas, both with respect to agriculture and other sectors. The implementation of the flagship project about youth within the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. has also helped to create strong links among the NRNs and established good relations with the Russian authorities dealing with the development of rural areas.

The flagship project is delivering results in terms of actively supporting young people in rural areas, raising awareness about young people’s need, encouraging youth involvement and creating a ‘space’ where young people’s voice can be heard. It can also be considered as an example of complementarity between different policies. The use of instruments financed by different funds, for instance the EAFRD and ERDF, enabled the networks to make the most of the available resources to support young people.

The results of the NRN youth support activity under the Baltic Sea Strategy will be highlighted during the ENRD’s youth and young farmer’s event in December 2013. Please see the link to the event.