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Fairs and other events

Scottish LEADER conference: “Inspire – Be Inspired”
20 March 2014, Glasgow, United Kingdom

The LEADER conference: “Inspire – Be Inspired” was organized by the Scottish NRN and over 150 people from across rural Scotland and Europe gathered in Glasgow on 20th March 2014.

The main aim of the conference was to help Scottish LAGs with their Business Plans for the 2014-20 programme period by providing examples of good practice and different approaches to implementing Local Development Strategies (and other types local community development) and enable delegates to discuss how different approaches might work in their area.

The focus of the event was the implementation of the LEADER approach in Scotland for the next progamme period 2014-2020. The event speakers provided not only the EU and national perspective but also inspiration from other countries.

ENRD CP representative was invited also to this event and participated in the workshop discussion highlighting the different approaches to the delivery of LEADER across Europe.

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