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Fairs and other events

Seminar - "Salone del Gusto" Agricultural Festival
Turin, Italy - 21-25, October, 2010

The EU Agriculture Commissioner Dacion Ciolos attended the 8th ‘Salone del Gusto’ celebration of food culture in Turin, from 21-25 October, organised by Slow Food, in collaboration with the Piedmont region and the city of Turin. One of the most highly anticipated events on the Italian agri-food calendar, the five-day culinary event brought together food producers, cooks, academics and of course consumers, from all over the world, to promote sustainable local food production, in harmony with the environment. In total, 160 countries were represented at the event.

Content of the seminar

This was the first time the European Commission was present at the event. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the Commissioner Mr. Dacian Ciolos underlined the importance of maintaining diversity between regions and the role the new CAP will play in discouraging the abandonment of agricultural activities in rural areas. Mr Ciolos also highlighted the importance of ensuring a better redistribution of income among those who are situated at different places on the food chain, as well as the importance of promoting the quality of food products. Mr. Ciolos encouraged the consumption of seasonal products, saying that we must “work with nature, not in conflict with it”. The ENRD Contact Point assisted with presentations of rural development projects, on the themes of quality and organic food production. For further information, click here.

Farming Projects

Two projects were presented on October 22 - the ‘Latteria dei Ragazzi’ and ‘la Filiera della Nocciola’:

  • The project 'Latteria dei Ragazzi' is financed by Measure 311 and implemented by a group of children aged between 10 and 16, with the assistance of the farm “Oasi Agrituristica di Baugiano” in Tuscany. More than an agricultural activity, the farm is also an agri-tourism and didactic farm. The project idea was developed by the children, during a three week holiday on the farm, when they started getting involved in the main farm activities, such as taking care of the farm animals, picking vegetables and fruit and cooking meals etc. During this period they learned to prepare yoghurt and their involvement in on-farm life became stronger. The Latteria dei Ragazzi (which became a formal association) produces 2,400 pots of yoghurt, which are distributed in local schools. For more information, click here

  • The project 'La filiera della Nocciola' was implemented in collaboration with the Local Action Group ‘Langhe Roero’ ( in the Piedmont region. The farm of Mr. Robaldo produces hazelnuts under the quality label “Nocciola del Piemonte IGP” and the products are certified as Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) products. The investment allowed him to modernise the farm and processing methods, which had a positive effect on the overall processing and commercialising of the final products. For further information, click here

Organic Food Production Projects

Projects related to organic food production were presented on October 23. The “Cooperative Valli Unite”, financed by Measures 214, 112 and 121, and the “Consortium La Valle del Biologico”, financed by Measures 214, 112, 121 and 311.

  • The Cooperative Valli Unite is located in the Piedmont region in the province of Alessandria. The cooperative has 15 members and it is a multifunctional holding, producing wine, salami, cheese, fruit and vegetables. The products are sold directly on the farm and also through specialised organic shops, in the northern region of Italy. Click here for further information.

  • The Consortium La Valle del Biologico is located in the province of La Spezia in the Liguria region. It brings together 100 farms - all active in the area and all certified as organic. The consortium has been supported by local administrations and has also created two cooperatives, one for selling organic meat and the other for processing milk. At the moment the consortium is supported by Measures 214, 112, 121 and 311 and the two cooperatives, as well as the farms are making several investments with the objective of modernising the farms, diversifying into non- agricultural activities and improving the use of renewable energy.

The project 'Latteria sociale Valtellina' was also presented on October 24, supported by Measure 123. This is a cooperative, which brings together 60 dairy farms in the Valtellina valley, in the Lombardia region. The cooperative produces mainly two types of cheese, both certified as Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO), ‘Bitto’ and ‘Casera’. The cooperative is also in the process of developing the production of other traditional products, mainly different types of goat cheese. For more information, click here.