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RUR@CT Benchmarking Seminar - capitalisation of best practices - related to rural development 2013-2014
29 April 2014, Brussels, Belgium


The objective of the event was to promote good practices and to network with other partners from EU regions. The Assembly of European Regions (AER) coordinator introduced the Rur@ct Programme as a methodology to transfer good practices and improve regional policies. EU funding opportunities were also presented to the participants. These funds can be used in the application of new practices, including funding through CLLD (from different range of funds for example: structural funds, the INTERREG Europe Programme and also there are the possibilities for interregional cooperation via the INTERACT Information Point). Discussions in small groups followed focusing on exploring specific exchange of practices between regions.

Main findings

The Rur@ct platform has accumulated already a substantial database of relevant projects which can be used for inspiration and possible transfer by peer regions facing similar challenges. The ENRD CP can offer further resources to the platform and integrate information sharing of best practices. It can also support the process of transition of practices through a more focused dissemination of information. The ENRD CP and AER could cooperate further in order to find ways to integrate efforts to intensify this process, to enhance dialogues with stakeholders and support the implementation of RDPs.