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Thematic meeting: Innovation in National Rural Network 2014-2020
15 May 2014, Paris, France


The objective of this thematic meeting was to define what “innovation” means and the role of the National Rural Networks as regards to the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) –with the purpose of: "Fostering innovation in the field of agriculture, food, forest and rural areas whose specific operational objectives are:

  • to facilitate the emergence of any form of innovation in rural areas in line with the EU 2020 strategy
  • to capitalize and disseminate all forms of innovation in rural areas (PEI, Leader ...)

The thematic meeting was attended by about 60 participants from almost all French regional rural networks. The agenda of the day consisted of 2 main parts. The focus of the first part was put on presentation of different approaches to the innovation using LEADER, Rur@ct and French cluster (entrepreneurial innovation).

Part 2 was organised around 3 thematic tables. Participants were invited to imagine the actions of rural network to promote:

  • The emergence of innovations (support for innovators, experimental approach ...)
  • The collection and provision of innovations (collection and dissemination of information on innovations)
  • The transfer of innovations ( trough contacts, support ...) and their evaluation

Further information:

- Programme [PDF ]
- Presentation on « Innovation in areas of low population density» Vanessa Cordoba, CMI, (this study will be finalized in September 2014) [PDF ]
- Presentation on «Innovative cropping systems » Marie-Sophie PETIT, Animatrice du RMT Chambre régionale d’agriculture de Bourgogne [PDF ]
- Videos

Main findings:

As part of the new program, "innovation" held a central role. However, this topic refers to different concepts and definitions.

The key ideas for exploring by Rural Network include:

  • Award for innovation in rural areas
  • Study tours in the territories "schools"
  • Creation of training modules for innovation and strategies for innovative territories, for territorial managers (Finance innovation, creativity management and innovation in a territory, legal issues , concepts, innovative strategies territories).
  • Arrange access to skills: through a call for papers, identify who is willing to invest time to play a (technical legal funding for innovation, design, ... ) role of expert. Rural Network has a BDD and regional offices serve as the interface.
  • Disseminate and share best practices not only territorial but also regional mechanisms to foster innovation in rural areas.
  • Publication of calls for projects (Horizon 2020, PIA , etc.) and funding innovative projects
  • Create a job exchange in order to find talent / skills

The classic definition of the innovation which is the development of a new idea in itself, in its use and / or utility – that enables " the new production of goods [ or services ] , new methods of production, the opening of a new outlet , the use of new raw materials , construction of a new organization of work "( Schumpeter , 1942) - nowadays should be to broaden this definition in order to take into account new forms of innovation (social innovation, service innovation, ... )

And finally the meeting will adopt a clear strategic plan that meets the best of both the EU expectations but also those members of the network.