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Fairs and other events

ENRD at ‘Bruxelles-Champêtre’ Fair
22 September 2013, Brussels, Belgium

Objective of the ENRD participation was the following: to represent and to promote the ENRD CP activity on the stand of the DG AGRI, to organise the “European Quiz” related to the activities together with the organisers.

The programme of the faire included Citizen Debate and Press point with presence of the Commissioner, also European quiz “wheel of fortune” organized by the ENRD CP representatives. During the quiz participants were answering questions related to the rural development and correct answers were awarded. And finally cooking shows were organized a long the day and had a lot of success.

The event provided the opportunity for the European Commission’s stakeholders to exchange ideas by animating various activities and to answer general queries from the public. The ENRD’s presence was reinforced by the participation of the Walloon Network representatives.