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Young farmers Gateway!

Demographic change and declining rural populations are important issues in most EU Member States and greatly influence economic performance in many rural areas. Supporting the continued presence of young people in rural areas is therefore a high priority for EU rural development policy.

To keep rural areas alive the role of young farmers, which account only for the 6% of the EU active farming population, is crucial.

The EU support for young farmers includes a dedicated measure - funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) - for ‘Setting-up young farmers’. Such support can address the specific challenges facing young people trying to establish themselves in the agriculture sector, encouraging them to remain living and working in rural areas, creating new job opportunities and promoting the development of services that can contribute to an overall increase in the social and economic vitality of rural areas.

A wide range of other support activities for young people in rural areas exists in many EU Member States. These activities include training, creation of services and support for the better circulation of information.

This gateway offers relevant information and resources on the support offered to young farmers and young people in rural areas in the EU

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