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Rural Development Policy in Figures

Thematic information sheets

This series of information sheets provide a clear picture of rural development policy intervention by theme, highlighting linkages between the policy’s priorities, the implementing measures and their actual outcomes on the ground.

The thematic information sheets briefly illustrate the conceptual framework behind the policy intervention (the priorities set at EU level and their translation into actions) and describe the tools (measures) though which these priorities are implemented on-the-ground. They also provide an indication of the potential beneficiaries, target groups and areas; give information on the overall budgetary allocation and expenditure at EU 27 level; indicate the outputs achieved. Finally they include specific examples of these interventions through the description of projects coming from the ENRD “projects data base”

Thematic information sheet No.1 - Promoting Knowledge transfer and investing in human capital [PDF]

Thematic information sheet No.2 - Investments in physical capital and modernisation [PDF]

Thematic information sheet No.3 - Promoting agricultural production under recognized quality label / standards [PDF]

Thematic information sheet No.4 - Supporting farms in the new Member States to enter the market [PDF]

Thematic information sheet No.5 - Preserving the EU's natural resources and farm landscapes [PDF]

Thematic information sheet No.6 - Supporting forestry [PDF]

Thematic information sheet No.7 - Encouraging diversification of the rural economy [PDF]

Thematic information sheet No.8 - Improving the quality of life in rural areas [PDF ]

Detailed information on the financial and output indicators data can be found on the dedicated RDPs monitoring indicator tables (Click here).