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Rural Development Policy in Figures


In the light of the EU Strategic Guidelines for the period 2007-2013 the EU 27 Member States have developed their national rural development strategy, based on the analysis of their own needs. The national/regional Rural Development Programmes 2007-2013 deliver the national strategy objectives through the implementation of measures co-financed by the EAFRD.

The Managing Authority of each RDP, together with the Monitoring Committee, follow the progress and the achievements of the programme by means of financial, output and result indicators linked to the measures, as defined by the Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. These indicators are used as tools to assess how far the expected objectives (targets) have been attained at the measure and the whole programme level.

Each year the ENRD produces summary info-sheets (“snapshots”) of the RDPs’ progress at the EU scale based on the RDPs monitoring data made available by the Commission. The snapshots are  quick reference tools which  show the current state of play of the EU rural development policies, highlight connections between resources and outcomes and provide the users with informed insights. Information is provided for all the EU 27 Member States, covering 88 national and regional programmes.

Find summary information on the implementation of the most important measures in terms of budgets and spending in the following infographics:
Axis 1, Axis 2, Axis 3, Axis 4.

You can also download the Rural Development Policy in Figures leaflet. [PDF ]


More detailed information on the financial and output indicators data can be still found on the dedicated RDPs monitoring indicator tables.