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RDP Projects Database


Welcome to the search function of the RDP Projects Database!

Click on the buttons labelled <Measure>, <Keyword>, <Country & RDP> or <Other Criteria> to open or hide the list of possible values for each criteria. Please note that the Keyword list and the Country list will only contain values that currently exist in the RDP Projects Database. Opening the <Other Criteria> group of fields will allow you to select or specify the Budget range, Start date, Completion status, and also select projects that have Photos, Files or Videos.

The database can be searched by selecting any of the fields – either individually or in combination.  The search function starts to work automatically when one or more criteria are selected - you do not need to click a search button. If a field allows multiple selections you can select multiple items by pressing and holding the <Ctrl> button on your keyboard whilst clicking on the individual items. 

Projects will be displayed if they satisfy at least one criteria in each selected field.  Combining criteria in the same field is equivalent to OR (at least one criteria must be met), whilst combining criteria in different fields is equivalent to AND (all criteria must be met). 

If your search produces no results, then broaden the search.  Note that any word(s) entered into the Text Search field will be included as a search criteria that must be met.

Click on <Reset Search> before re-starting any search.