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The NRN Self-Assessment Toolkit

This on-line Tool-kit   allows users to monitor the progress and assess the performance of the networking activities typically undertaken by NRNs using a range of different approaches, techniques and practical “tools”.

Self-assessment is not an obligation. It is a voluntary activity for  network managers and network members that want to understand if their network is working fully and effectively towards its objectives. The main focus of NRN self-assessment is to  measure and assess the outputs and results of networking. As such it differs from the evaluation which  in line with Council Regulation (EC) No 1698/2005 has to be carried out by independent evaluators in order to provide judgement on the effectiveness of interventions according to their results, impacts and the needs they aim to satisfy. Evaluation examines: the degree of utilisation of resources; the effectiveness and efficiency of the programming; the socioeconomic and environmental impact as well as the contribution to the achievement of Community priorities. 

ENRD Self-assessment

ENRD carried out its own self-assessment. The ENRD self-assessment started in December 2012 and the main report was finalised by October 2013. The self-assessment was carried out with contributions from colleagues of the ENRD Contact Point and DG AGRI services in charge of the European Network for Rural Development. Further, in-depth case studies (based on the main findings of the report) were carried out from the end of 2013 until March 2014.

The dissemination material related to the ENRD self-assessment entitled “Not everything that ‘connects’ is a network” can be downloaded here [PDF ]. This material contains information on:

  • What is network & networking?
  • The mandate of the European Network for Rural Development
  • The challenge of evaluating networking
  • Lessons learnt about the ENRD
  • Lessons learnt about networking
  • Lessons learnt about network assessment and self-assessment.

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Potential inspiration for more advanced approaches to assessing the results (or even impact) of NRN activities. More

The European Evaluation Network for Rural Development provides methodological support for the evaluation of National Rural Network Programmes and National Rural Networks in line with the Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.

 Contact the Evaluation Helpdesk


Update of the Working Paper on the Evaluation of National Rural Network Programmes, integrating experiences from the mid-term evaluation 2010. Activity to be launched in quarter 3/2011.


Working Paper on the Evaluation of National Rural Network Programme (July 2010) documents the state of play of the envisaged approaches of Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain for the mid-term-evaluation of their National Rural Network Programmes.

Full document [PDF ].

Working Paper on Capturing impacts of LEADER and of measures to improve Quality of Life in rural areas (July 2010) provides information on LEADER-type self-assessment methods.

Full document [PDF ].

Working Paper on Approaches for assessing the impacts of the Rural Development Programmes in the context of multiple intervening factors (March 2010).

Full document [PDF ].

Interactive version [PDF ]

Newsletter articles on above working papers [PDF ].

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