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EU Organisations


The ENRD aims to actively engage with and extend access to other relevant networks as much as possible, with a particular emphasis upon establishing pro-active links that will allow exchange of information on activities and outputs between the ENRD and other relevant networks on issues of relevance to the effectiveness and efficient development of EU rural development policy.

DG AGRI Advisory Group on Rural Development

An Advisory Group on Rural Development has been established by DG AGRI to bring together representatives of the various organisations established at EU level which have social, economic and/or environmental interests in rural development within the EU.

This Advisory Group enables the European Commission to be made aware of the range of views that different organisations hold on rural development. The Commission can consult the group on any matter relating to rural development policies. The chairperson of the Advisory Group may also propose areas for consultation on topics falling within its area of competence.

The Commission is not bound by Group opinions, but does take them very seriously and notifies the Group membership of its action in response to them. The Advisory Group may also, in agreement with the Commission, set up working groups to facilitate its work. The main interests represented within the Advisory Group include:

Farmers, Co-operatives and other Agricultural Organisations






Other Rural Stakeholder Organisations

European Organisation members of the ENRD Coordination Committee

The following EU organisations have been selected from the membership of the DG AGRI Rural Development Advisory Group to participate in the Coordination Committee of the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD):