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Added Value of Networking

Introduction: Added Value of Networking

Demonstrating the Added Value of Networking

The value of networking to rural development policy is widely acknowledged with a growing body of informed opinion agreeing on the effectiveness of rural networks at engaging stakeholders and promoting the implementation of Rural Development Programmes (RDPs).

Joint NRN Action

National Rural Network's (NRNs) have pooled their resources to develop this web-based resource illustrating the current state of knowledge regarding the added value of networking in rural development policy. The common methodology proposed by the ENRD focuses on:

  1. common network statistics; and
  2. network success stories.

The purpose of this straightforward approach is to give an insight into what the NRNs are doing and how the relative success of these activities is understood by managers of Network Support Units.
In addition, the NRN self-assessment tool-kit allows NRNs to present and exchange information about the range of different approaches, techniques and practical tools used to monitor progress and assess performance of networking activities.