RDP implementation

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Improving the quality of implementation of Rural Development Programmes (RDPs)” is one of the common objectives of National Rural Networks (NRNs) and the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD).

To contribute to the achievement of this objective, the ENRD Contact Point has carried out series of thematic activities in 2015 laying the platform for future work throughout the 2024-2020 period. These activities have included:

The overarching aim of the ENRD thematic work on ‘improving RDP implementation’ was to provide those directly or indirectly involved in RDP implementation with knowledge and tools to address key challenges and improve programmes’ performance from the outset of the 2014-2020 programming period. 

Within this scope, the specific objectives of ENRD's thematic work were to:

  • Identify key priorities and challenges in terms of programmes’ delivery and performance.
  • Identify and illustrate possible approaches and solutions to be adopted for addressing the recognised needs and opportunities, highlighting the possible role of rural networks.
  • Raise awareness of practical and administrative constraints to delivery and highlight needs for further action.
  • Share experiences in delivering approaches and distil factors for success (or failures).


Timeline of the ENRD thematic work on Improving RDP Implementation


Rural Networks' AssemblyRural Networks’ Steering GroupTraining on Simplified Cost OptionsTraining on reasonableness of costs and public procurementWorkshop on results-based agri-environment paymentsENRD Seminar on Improving RDP implementationRural Networks’ Steering GroupFinal TG Report2nd Rural Review on …1st TG Meeting2nd TG Meeting3rd TG Meeting





















ENRD Thematic Group on Improving RDP Implementation

The work of the TG has been based on exchanging views and experience among key rural development stakeholders in the framework of working meetings. The membership of the TG was open and voluntary. Members included representatives from Managing Authorities, Paying Agencies, organisations sitting in programmes’ Monitoring Committees, advisors, EC policy officers and other stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the design and implementation of RPDs.


Thematic Group Meetings

1st TG meeting (17 March 2015)

2nd TG meeting (7 May 2015)

3rd TG meeting (23 June 2015)