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This issue of the EU Rural Review examines the role of networking in rural development policy. It traces how networking has evolved to become a defining characteristic of rural development in Europe. 

All types of rural stakeholders interact in today’s increasingly diverse networking ecosystem. The publication concludes by considering how Networking will continue to evolve under the future policy environment.

For more about networking check out ‘networX’, the largest gathering of rural networking practitioners organised under the current programming period.

This is the main report of the third meeting of the ENRD Thematic Group (TG) on 'Mainstreaming the Bioeconomy'.

It summarises the presentations and discussion around awareness raising approaches to inform rural stakeholders of the benefit of bioeconomy. It highlights also the main points of discussion on the recommendations produced by the TG on using the RDPs to promote rural bioeconomy.

Este documento informativo explora específicamente el papel potencial de la cooperación fuera del marco de LEADER/CLLD para apoyar a los Pueblos inteligentes.

El documento se ha desarrollado fundamentalmente a partir de la interpretación de las diferentes directrices y experiencias de los períodos anteriores de programación en el contexto de la propuesta de la Comisión para un Reglamento sobre «Planes estratégicos de la PAC» para el período 2021-2027.

Este documento informativo explora el papel potencial de LEADER/CLLD a la hora de apoyar la ejecución del concepto de los Pueblos inteligentes, para lo que se evalúan los obstáculos actuales a la aplicación de LEADER/CLLD identificados por los GAL y se presentan recomendaciones para superar dichos obstáculos con el fin de explotar plenamente el potencial de los Pueblos inteligentes a nivel local.

Este documento informativo ofrece unas orientaciones preliminares sobre cómo apoyar a los Pueblos inteligentes, tanto en el período de programación actual (2014-2020), como, más significativamente, en el marco del período de programación de la política agrícola común (PAC) posterior a 2020.

Este estudio está dirigido fundamentalmente a los responsables políticos y a los organismos encargados de la aplicación de las políticas a escala nacional y regional, para ayudarles a poner en marcha políticas tanto rurales como regionales que permitan a las comunidades rurales responder a los retos a los que se enfrentan.

Este documento informativo analiza cómo las estrategias digitales, que se están desarrollando a diferentes niveles en toda Europa, pueden beneficiar a las comunidades rurales.

La digitalización puede ser un potente motor de cambio, siempre que se adapte al contexto rural y se aplique con la participación de las propias comunidades rurales.

Networking – and rural development networking is a prime example of this – is first and foremost about people. It is about coming together, developing new ways of thinking and operating, and building something new, together; something that is bigger than the sum of its individual parts; and something that benefits rural communities everywhere.

On the occasion of networX – the largest ever gathering of the European rural networking community to be organised under the 2014-2020 programming period – we want to salute the human spirit of networking and mark 10 years of the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD).

This book highlights rural networking through the eyes of young people, as they are the ones who will determine the future development of Europe’s countryside. It also illustrates how networks support rural entrepreneurship, the environment, rural heritage and vibrant rural communities – areas where the impact of rural networking is unmistakable.

EAFRD Projects Brochure Youth and Generational Renewal

This edition of the EAFRD Projects Brochure presents twelve projects that show how Rural Development policy is helping to make rural areas more attractive places for young people to live and work, in agriculture and beyond.

Youth in rural areas, and young farmers in particular, enhance rural vitality and pave the way for stronger value chains and rural prosperity. Generational renewal is one of the preconditions for improved competitiveness of the agricultural sector over the longer term and for sustainable food production in Europe.

This is the main report of the 13th meeting of the National Rural Networks (NRNs) in the 2014-2020 period. Event co-organised by the Irish Rural Network Support Unit.

It overviews exchanges on ways of reinforcing stakeholder engagement; various topics including networking under the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Smart Villages and Generational Renewal; and finally the networX event (11-12 April 2019 – Brussels, Belgium).

This is the main report of the ENRD Workshop on 'Biodiversity and the CAP: working together to reach conservation goals'.

The workshop explored how to ensure the most effective contribution of current RDPs and future CAP Strategic Plans to support the implementation of EU biodiversity policy, by encouraging dialogue and facilitating exchanges among the relevant agriculture and environmental actors involved in biodiversity conservation in rural Europe.