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Climate action, particularly climate change mitigation, can provide opportunities for the primary sector, rural communities and businesses to become more sustainable, resilient and competitive. These rural development stakeholders can make a major contribution to the European Green Deal, the roadmap for a sustainable EU economy. 

This edition of the EU Rural Review looks at how rural areas are making significant contributions towards climate action, also thanks to EAFRD support.

This factsheet looks at the opportunities that the design and implementation of relevant interventions, set out in the forthcoming CAP Strategic Plans (CSPs), present for upscaling sustainable management practices and contributing to the EGD goals. Ideas and examples emerging from the ENRD’s Thematic Group (TG) on the EGD and Rural Areas are presented as a source of inspiration for Managing Authorities and stakeholders.

Achieving greater climate (and environmental) ambition is a key objective of the CAP revision. Member States must ensure that their CAP Strategic Plans (CSPs) demonstrate greater overall ambition towards the achievement of the CAP’s environmental and climate objectives, when compared to the previous programming period.

This is the highlights report of the 6th ENRD LEADER Thematic Lab on 'Designing LEADER for resilience and sustainability', held online on 14 January 2021. 

The participants looked at the main social, economic and environmental aspects of resilience and LEADER’s role in optimising these. They also discussed key capacity and delivery systems features for resilience and how LEADER can build on them.

This policy document by the Albanian Rural Network provides an overview of the dynamics and progress of the introduction and implementation of the LEADER approach as an instrument of rural development in Albania.

The approach may further spread its wings, resulting in some new LAGs, as the LEADER measure will be introduced in the Albanian IPARD III programme for 2021-2027. The paper includes also a list of existing LAGs, ready for cooperation with LAGs from EU Member States.

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This edition focuses on the link between environment, the new CAP and the European Green Deal and brings the finalists of the Rural Inspiration Awards 2020 back into the spotlight. 

Rural development stakeholders share their views on, among others, women in agriculture, renewable energies and the role of heritage for rural regeneration. The News section includes an overview of recent EU developments and ENRD activities, including the new ENRD tool 'Share your rural story'.


This is the highlights report of the 2nd meeting of the ENRD Thematic Group on the European Green Deal and Rural Areas. It provides an overview of success factors and conditions for upscaling and discussed potential future CAP interventions to promote the adoption of sustainable practices by farmers and foresters.