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This publication overviews LEADER-like initiatives in the Western Balkans; national strategies, policy and legislative frameworks relevant for Local Action Groups (LAGs), networks, local partnerships, and territorial development; as well as specific national challenges and needs.
It is produced by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group in South Eastern Europe (SWG).
This handbook for Local Action Groups (LAGs) funded under one or several of the EU’s Structural and Investment Funds provides easy-to-use evaluation tools, methods and practical examples. It is produced by the FARNET Network support unit. 
This guide, produced by the European Commission’s DG AGRI, aims to support the take-up of the LEADER approach in the Western Balkans, Turkey and beyond.
It compiles practical information on preparing the ground for LEADER; establishing LAGs; preparing and implementing Local Development Strategies, as well as sections on networking and innovation.
The Tartu Declaration calls for an improved LEADER/CLLD implementation framework, including  a decrease in bureaucracy and a simplified multi-funded CLLD through a single funding source managed by a one coordinating body following one unique set of rules at the EU level.
It resulted from a stakeholder-driven process at a dedicated conference in November 2016 in Tartu, Estonia.