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This is the highlights report of a dedicated ENRD workshop at the 11th OECD Rural Development Conference.

It overviews examples of successful approaches to rural policy development, delivery and governance, including links between sectors, funding instruments, bottom-up and top-down approaches, and local to regional and national initiatives.

This is the main report of a dedicated CLLD seminar jointly organised by four Directorates-General of the European Commission.
It sets out recommendations for an 'improvement agenda' for the implementation of LEADER/CLLD.
This is the main report of the sixth meeting of the National Rural Networks (NRNs) in the 2014-2020 period.
It discusses network governance, structures and roles, in particular looking at improving stakeholder involvement and ways of integrating the 10 points of the Cork 2.0 Declaration into NRNs' activities.
This is the main report of a dedicated ENRD workshop that discussed and developed recommendations on how to best seize the opportunities for promoting social inclusion in rural areas through LEADER/CLLD.
It includes perspectives on improving social inclusion, integrated strategies (under the European Social Fund and multi-funded LEADER/CLLD),  discussions on specific marginalised groups, and the role of rural networks.