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The Tartu Declaration calls for an improved LEADER/CLLD implementation framework, including  a decrease in bureaucracy and a simplified multi-funded CLLD through a single funding source managed by a one coordinating body following one unique set of rules at the EU level.
It resulted from a stakeholder-driven process at a dedicated conference in November 2016 in Tartu, Estonia.

This edition gives a lot of attention to what happened at the major European Conference on Rural Development in Cork, Ireland 5-6 September 2016 – known as ‘Cork 2.0’. The thematic section has “A focus on… Cork 2.0", providing an overview of the event, the main messages of the workshops, the resulting ‘Cork 2.0 Declaration’ in full and a series of 20 different participant reactions.

The edition also includes the regular “News and updates” from the ENRD and the EU as well as the usual “Rural issues, Rural perspectives” section. This features a range of stakeholder voices on topics ranging from transnational cooperation to local consultation and from a growing European network of artists to the first ever rural digital hub in Ireland.

It overviews the overall process of defining the Green Economy, best practice implementation, examples of delivery from EU regions and Member States, as well as how these are linked to the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs).

"News and updates" include ENRD and NRN work to ‘Unlock the potential of the RDPs’, the European Fund for Strategic Investments and the new EU Circular Economy action plan.

The "Rural issues, Rural perspectives" section features stakeholder voices on topics ranging from the new global agreement on climate change to creative rural regeneration and from rural entrepreneurship to Roma inclusion.

This edition also features "A focus on… LEADER Cooperation", with reports and interviews on inter-regional, inter-Fund and third country cooperation examples, as well as efforts to harmonise application processes across RDPs.