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This is the highlights report of the 1st Thematic Group meeting on Making the seven LEADER principles work in practice for all LAGs under the CAP Strategic Plans which took place on 10 March 2022.

The meeting was organised to facilitate discussion and exchanges between the TG members for a common understanding of the seven LEADER principles.


This is the highlights report of the 6th ENRD LEADER Thematic Lab on 'Designing LEADER for resilience and sustainability', held online on 14 January 2021. 

The participants looked at the main social, economic and environmental aspects of resilience and LEADER’s role in optimising these. They also discussed key capacity and delivery systems features for resilience and how LEADER can build on them.

This is the highlights report of the 4th ENRD Thematic Lab on ‘Maintaining and widening stakeholder engagement. It explores the role of LEADER and LEADER Local Action Groups (LAGs) in maintaining and widening stakeholder engagement in their local areas to develop short- and long-term responses to address local challenges now and for the future. It was also the opportunity to discuss LAGs' responses to the COVID-19 crisis.

This is the highlights report of the ENRD seminar on Climate Action and Resilient Rural Economy. It takes stock of the lessons learned concerning the contribution of the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) to a climate resilient, low-carbon economy in Europe’s rural areas. Reflections were shared based on the work carried out by the ENRD Thematic Group on Bioeconomy and Climate Action in Rural Areas.

The LEADER project ‘At home in Emlichheim’ (Germany) seeks to enable elderly people to maintain their independence for longer by providing regular preventative home visits.

This case study illustrates how LEADER can respond to local development needs.

A study included in the national Evaluation Plan for LEADER (2014 -2020) by the Austrian Managing Authority explores social innovation and its relevance in LEADER projects.

This case study looks at social innovation, funding and resources in LEADER.

The LEADER project Gratitud Pallars (Spain) impresses by its integrated and innovative character in support of landscape conservation, climate change mitigation and smart sustainable tourism development.

A case study about animation, networking and cooperation in LEADER.

EU Rural Review 29 LEADER achievements

LEADER is one of the longest standing, most successful and popular European-wide initiatives.

This EU Rural Review explores how the seven LEADER principles are interpreted today by people who have been deeply involved with implementing LEADER in rural communities across Europe.

The articles show how the principles work in practice, how they deliver results and ensure sustained performance over time, and how they are adaptable to deal with the emerging challenges and opportunities facing rural areas.

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