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This document provides an analysis of Rural Development Programme (RDP) support to rural businesses and was carried out as part of the ENRD Thematic Group work on 'Smart and Competitive Rural Businesses' (2016-2017). 
It explores how EU Member States use relevant RDP Measures to help the set-up and development of rural businesses, based on a review and in-depth analysis of the RDPs of Slovenia, Portugal, Finland, the Basque Country (Spain) and Scotland (UK).

This document overviews the common trends and main differences in the programming decisions taken across a range of Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) with a specific focus on RDP sub-Measure M16.4: short supply chains and local markets.

An EU-level overview and analysis of LEADER Cooperation activities under the 2007-2013 Rural Development Programmes (RDPs). This covers the extent and nature of cooperation activities and how these were implemented.