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How Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) are contributing to the promotion of local food production and short supply chains.

This issue focuses on the inter-relationship between two key elements of the LEADER approach - Local Development Strategies and cooperation.

A closer look at how EU agriculture and rural development policy help promote rural entrepreneurship.

The role of EU agriculture and rural development policies in the delivery of public goods in rural areas throughout Europe.

Encouraging rural employment, tackling rural poverty and improving the quality of life.

Supporting EU agriculture, forestry and agri-food industries, combining competitiveness and multi-functionality.

In diesem Sonderbericht analysiert der Europäische Rechnungshof die Anwendung des LEADER-Konzepts für die Entwicklung des ländlichen Raums. Er gab damit weitgehend den Rahmen für die Änderung von Verordnungen in der Programmperiode 2014-2020 vor und deckte wesentliche Schwachpunkte in der Anwendung von LEADER auf.

This issue of EU Rural Review explains the contribution that the Rural Development policy brings to the EU´s climate action agenda.