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Diese Einweisung wurde als Hintergrundmaterial für die ENRD-Arbeit am Thema „Soziale Inklusion“ (2017-2018) erstellt. Sie behandelt unter anderem das Themenfeld Arbeits- und Ausbildungsplätze für junge Leute, Frauen, Roma und Migranten sowie die Möglichkeiten der Unternehmensgründung.

The United Nations has declared 2014 the International Year of Family Farming, the primary aim of which is to promote, develop and strengthen all types of family-oriented agriculture as a socially valuable, economically viable and environmentally sustainable model.

How Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) are contributing to the promotion of local food production and short supply chains.

Encouraging rural employment, tackling rural poverty and improving the quality of life.

Supporting EU agriculture, forestry and agri-food industries, combining competitiveness and multi-functionality.

Rural people’s dedication to the on-going development of diversity in Europe’s countryside forms the main focus of this issue of the EU Rural Review.