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This is the report of the ENRD Seminar 'Bioeconomy: Seizing the Opportunity for Rural Europe'.

A variety of rural stakeholders gathered to share practical examples of bioeconomy initiatives in rural territories across the EU and discuss the role of EU policy instruments to support sustainable bio-based initiatives in rural areas. They concluded that the three main elements in mainstreaming the bioeconomy are: capacity building, cooperation and a holistic approach to sustainability.

This is the highlights report of the ENRD Workshop on 'Combatting Rural Depopulation: Cretaing new opportunities for vibrant rural areas'. 

It overviews the key drivers and effects of population decline in rural areas across the EU, looking at the role of the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) and other EU policies and instruments in order to help create an enabling rural environment. It explores examples of projects contributing to the creation of business opportunities and the improvement of services and quality of life in rural communities, as well as examples of integrated approaches that can help combat rural depopulation.

This is the main report of the third meeting of the ENRD Thematic Group (TG) on 'Mainstreaming the Bioeconomy'.

It summarises the presentations and discussion around awareness raising approaches to inform rural stakeholders of the benefit of bioeconomy. It highlights also the main points of discussion on the recommendations produced by the TG on using the RDPs to promote rural bioeconomy.

This is the main report of the ENRD Workshop on ‘Attracting Young Farmers and Fostering Generational Renewal in Rural Areas’.
It overviews the discussions and exchanges on the current Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) support to young farmers and new entrants. It includes examples of innovative ways to enter farming, and explores opportunities to support generational renewal under the post-2020 CAP Strategic Plans.
This is the main report of the fourth meeting of the ENRD Thematic Group (TG) on ‘Sustainable management of water and soils’.
It overviews the TG's recommendations on result-based payments schemes, collective approaches, and nutrients management in view of improving the design and implementation of Rural Development Programmes (RDPs).
This is the main report of a dedicated ENRD Seminar, which overviews the findings and recommendations of the ENRD Thematic Group and highlights successful practices funded under the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs). 
It further explores what is needed to better support the sustainable management of water and soils.
This is the main report of a dedicated ENRD event on the main bottlenecks encountered by Managing Authorities and Paying Agencies in the implementation of the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) and possible solutions to overcome them.
Additionally, it overviews preparations for the RDP performance review exercise in 2019.
This is the main report of a dedicated ENRD workshop, overviewing the national application of the Estonian, Finnish and Swedish Rural Development Programmes (RDPs).
It explores possible future scenarios, challenges and opportunities affecting rural areas, mainly focusing on the Nordic-Baltic context.

In dieser Ausgabe werden ländliche Gemeinden aus ganz Europa vorgestellt, die in Eigeninitiative nach praktischen Lösungen für bekannte Herausforderungen suchen und neue Chancen nutzen. 

Ein Themenschwerpunkt ist die Verbesserung der Daseinsvorsorge in ländlichen Gebieten im Wege einer kreativen digitalen und sozialen Erneuerung. Es werden nationale und regionale Konzepte zur Schaffung günstiger Rahmenbedingungen vorgestellt und darüber hinaus wird erläutert, wie die Entwicklungsprogramme für den ländlichen Raum die Erneuerung des Dienstleistungsspektrums auf dem Land beschleunigen können. 

Grundlage von Ausgabe 26 des EU-Magazins Ländlicher Raum ist die Arbeit des ENRD am übergeordneten Thema „Smarte Dörfer.

This is the main report of a dedicated ENRD workshop aimed at National Rural Network (NRN) representatives.
It overviews NRN support to the delivery of regional Rural Development Programmes (RDPs), exploring their diverse structures and how greater cooperation can be achieved between EU Member States and regions.