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This is the highlights report of the ENRD Workshop on 'Combatting Rural Depopulation: Cretaing new opportunities for vibrant rural areas'. 

It overviews the key drivers and effects of population decline in rural areas across the EU, looking at the role of the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) and other EU policies and instruments in order to help create an enabling rural environment. It explores examples of projects contributing to the creation of business opportunities and the improvement of services and quality of life in rural communities, as well as examples of integrated approaches that can help combat rural depopulation.

This is the main report of the ENRD Workshop on ‘Attracting Young Farmers and Fostering Generational Renewal in Rural Areas’.
It overviews the discussions and exchanges on the current Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) support to young farmers and new entrants. It includes examples of innovative ways to enter farming, and explores opportunities to support generational renewal under the post-2020 CAP Strategic Plans.

This is the main report from a dedicated ENRD event that explored the current and future roles of LEADER, including its added value in different thematic areas and its wider contribution through a number of inspiring examples.

This is the main report of a dedicated ENRD workshop, which overviews inspiring youth initiatives and projects related to youth entrepreneurship, rural-urban linkages, communication, and digitisation, as well as specific policy tools and funds to support these.

This is the main report of the tenth meeting of the National Rural Networks (NRNs) in the 2014-2020 period.
It overviews inspirational projects and discussions on developing the themes of short supply chains, rural mobility and digital villages, as well as ongoing joint NRN activities.
This is the main report of a dedicated CLLD seminar jointly organised by four Directorates-General of the European Commission.
It sets out recommendations for an 'improvement agenda' for the implementation of LEADER/CLLD.

Zentrales Thema dieser Ausgabe sind die Möglichkeiten für eine „Stärkung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von Primärerzeugern durch eine bessere Integration dieser Primärerzeuger in die Agrarnahrungsmittelkette“ – einer der Schwerpunktbereiche der EU-Politik zur Entwicklung des ländlichen Raums.

Das Magazin bietet einen Überblick über die verschiedenen Instrumente zur Wertschöpfung in den Versorgungsketten für Lebensmittel und Getränke und untersucht im Anschluss attraktive Marktchancen für ländliche Produzenten im Hinblick auf eine Expansionsmöglichkeit des ländlichen Markts, eine Verbesserung des Zugangs zu städtischen Lebensmittelmärkten und und einen Zugang zum Markt für öffentliche Lebensmittel.

Die Ausgabe betont die Bedeutung gezielter Strategien zur Förderung intelligenterer Versorgungsketten, bei denen nützlichen Verbindungen mit der Forschung und den Entwicklungsprogrammen für den ländlichen Raum (EPLR) eine wesentliche Rolle zukommt.

This is the main report of the thematic ENRD Seminar on 'Smart and Competitive Supply Chains'.
It explores ways of connecting the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) to food and drink supply chains and overviews relevant RDP tools. It covers topics such as market access, public food markets, adding value, cooperation and food policy.
This is the main report of the third meeting of the ENRD Thematic Group on 'Smart and Competitive Rural Areas'.
It highlights the differing approaches to supporting supply chains both nationally and regionally, including a consideration of smart specialisation strategies.