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The 16th Rural Networks Steering Group Meeting took place virtually on 19 October 2021 to update SG members on EU Policy Initiatives and updates on future networking activities.

Participants exchanged on the latest developments on the CAP Reform and other relevant EU Policy initiatives, including the Long Term Vision for Rural Areas.

(c) European Union 2021

This edition focuses on how to communicate successfully about rural development projects, based on the NRN's work and the Rural Inspiration Awards.

Articles by rural development stakeholders across Europe range from social farming to LEADER enhancing a Greek island’s intangible cultural heritage, to the state of the digital transition in rural areas.

This is the final output of the ENRD Thematic Group (TG) on Rural Proofing. This non-exhaustive working document, which expresses the views of the TG members, aims to support policy-makers and all stakeholders involved in designing or implementing rural proofing mechanisms in their particular context at national, regional or local level. 


    This edition of Rural Connections includes updates on the work of the ENRD in recent months, including new Thematic Groups and events.

    Rural development stakeholders from across the EU share their views and experiences with successful projects that are breathing new life into EU's rural areas.

    This document presents the results of the work of the ENRD Thematic Group on Rural Revitalisation
    The document introduces the main enabling factors for rural revitalisation identified by the ENRD Thematic Group. It also presents a practical self-assessment tool developed by its members to help stakeholders assess the extent to which key factors for successful policies and programmes to enable the revitalisation of rural areas are in place in their context.
    (c) European Union 2021

    This Projects Brochure presents the 20 finalists of the Rural Inspiration Awards (RIA) 2021. It gives well‑deserved visibility to their projects, provides updates on their achievements and aims to inspire new initiatives.

    The RIA 2021 were the third edition of the ENRD's EU-wide rural development good practice competition. This edition focused on EAFRD-funded initiatives that could inspire rural areas' future development path in the Long‑Term Vision for Rural Areas

    This is the report of the ENRD LEADER Thematic Lab 'Climate change mitigation and adaptation'.

    This second LEADER Thematic Lab involved LEADER stakeholders in exploring, discussing and sharing their experiences and approaches. The participants discussed how LEADER can practically initiate, plan, facilitate and support climate action in local rural territories.