“Zero pesticide in our villages and cities”

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A project that supported local municipalities in their campaign to reduce the use of pesticides by their citizens.

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Project summary: 

A number of municipalities in Limousin, France, formalised their commitment to reduce the use of pesticides by signing the ‘Zero Pesticide Objective in our towns and villages’ agreement with Limousin Nature Environment, a federation of environmental associations of Limousin committed to the fight against pesticides.

Educational activities, technical expertise and advice, communication support and awareness raising were provided to staff of the municipalities in order to support their campaign to engage their local communities in shifting away from the use of pesticides.

Project results: 

The project was promoted and coordinated at regional level, gathering institutional partners and designing information and communication campaigns.

Educational support was offered to municipalities that signed the ‘zero pesticide’ charter, and the progress towards zero pesticides was monitored.

The awareness of public employees, local and technical staff was raised, upscaling their communication abilities towards the local population and a wider audience.

Technical assistance to municipalities on regulatory requirements and their communication plans was promoted.

The project developed communication activities on alternative pest management practices.