Zacharias Symeou Sheep Farm

A family farm used investment support to set up a state-of-the-art sheep farm for the production of high-quality sheep milk.

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Project summary: 

The Symeou family has a long history, spanning over four generations, as sheep farmers, dairy farmers and in large scale grain production. Until recently, the farm had focused solely on grain production, however, given the increasing demand for sheep milk products the family decided to take advantage of this trend. The farm thus returned to producing sheep milk to be used in the production of Halloumi cheese and other sheep milk products. As part of the investment project, a completely new farm unit was built. The modernised farm is now equipped with an electronic system for monitoring the sheep and includes a milk production building which can accommodate around 700 milk producing sheep. The sheep pens are fully equipped with the necessary drinking and feeding troughs, manure cleaning paths and ventilation.

Project results: 

A new farm unit was constructed using state of the art technology ensuring the production of high-quality milk. 
The introduction of modern feeding belts has made sure that food is always available with no food waste, reducing costs and increasing utilisation. The automation of the farm ensures that labour costs are kept to a minimum.