Youth Board and Youth Manifesto

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Young people from Finland and Scotland came together to create a Youth Manifesto outlining ways in which local actors can engage young people in their activities.

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Project summary: 

Rural areas are suffering from out-migration, especially that of young people. Offering young people a chance to have an impact or influence in their own home area and engaging them in locally important actions can help prevent out-migration and create long-term living opportunities in rural areas.

A transnational cooperation project brought together young people from Finland and Scotland to develop and co-design a Youth Manifesto that outlines ways in which communities, protected areas and environmental organisations can meaningfully engage young people in their activities. Good practices identified through this work, included the use of Youth Leader funds, establishing youth boards within LEADER groups or youth councils in municipalities. The project promoter is the LEADER association of Rieska (LAG).

Project results: 

The project helped to find ways to respond to the needs of young people as expressed in the Manifesto and to involve them in its development.

The project has already involved more than 40 young people from all over Europe and this number will increase during the actions planned for 2019.

One youth board was established and several more are underway.