A young farmer’s niche cut flower business

CAP funds help young farmer establish a family business in horticulture in Malta.

Project summary: 

After finishing his studies and working in a university, Charles Zara decided to return home and take over the family farm. Following a review of market opportunities, he used CAP co-finance to set up his own cut flower business. The young farmer invested in two greenhouses (one high-tech and one traditionally managed) and set up a website to enable direct sales to his customers.

Project results: 

The beneficiary produces indoor- and outdoor-grown cut flowers across some 0,5 hectares of land.

Indoor production takes place in two greenhouses: the new one of 650 m2 and a pre-existing, traditional one of 850 m2.

Thanks to direct e-sales, the business’ profit margins turned out to be much higher (more than 200%) compared to flower sales via wholesalers.

The farm recovers and uses rainwater for irrigation, which covers 90% of its water needs.