Young cattle housing and reconstruction of the milk cooling and storage unit

EAFRD funding helped renovate a dairy farm boosting animal welfare and making farm work more efficient.

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Project summary: 

Rozvodi farm is a dairy farm in the Czech-Moravian Highlands. It operates a ‘closed herd’ system meaning it must raise its own calves to expand its herd. Existing sheds for young cattle on the farm offered a poor standard of animal welfare. Rural development funding helped renovate cattle sheds as well as a milk cooling and storage facility.

Farm workers were trained and working methods were reorganised increasing farm efficiency. Animal welfare and health improved, boosting yields and improving the quality of milk production.

Project results: 
  • New buildings and their equipment provided a substantially higher level of animal welfare.
  • Working conditions of livestock farm staff improved tremendously.
  • Manure is now stored in line with environmental standards.
  • The milk cooling and storage unit was renovated.