Wilkin & Sons - Water Efficiency

A leading manufacturer of conserves and jams used RDP support to increase its winter water storage capacity for use during the summer dry months.

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Project summary: 

Wilkin & Sons Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of conserves and jams. At the Tiptree Farm the company grows approximately 65 hectares of soft and stone fruit to process into conserves, jellies, marmalades and purees. Prior to the project, the business used 160 000m3 of water per year for irrigation, including 120 000m3 from local streams for irrigation, as well as 40.000m3 of recycled factory water. 

The business used RDP support to increase its winter water storage capacity by 80 000 m3 to 190 000m3. This means that water can be abstracted during peak flow and stored until it is needed, rather than abstracted during the drier summer months.

Project results: 
  • 8 new permanent jobs are foreseen over the next few years, the company is already a major employer of local people.
  • The trickle irrigation systems reduce the company’s general water consumption (as the water drips to the roots, reducing evaporation).
  • The likelihood of the company doubling fruit production is increased by the more efficient and reliable water system.
  • Wilkin & Sons extracts water in a responsible way, monitored by the Environment Agency. The company plans to only abstract water from local, shared areas when water flow is high.