Water Biodiversity Training Programme for Duhallow Communities

Building the capacity of rural communities to protect water biodiversity in Ireland.

Project summary: 

Communities in the Duhallow area of Ireland lacked local-level knowledge about conserving water biodiversity so communities were not in a position to propose or support initiatives that would support it. To address this issue, the area’s LEADER group designed a training programme in water biodiversity to help communities to help themselves deliver local area impact through targeted action which supports the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).

Project results: 

This capacity building initiative equipped community groups across 38 parts of the project area with skills and knowledge to develop strategies for increased local action in the areas of biodiversity, habitat conservation, protection and development, and habitat mapping.

The training involved the creation of a habitat conservation and (biodiversity) development plan for each of the participating communities/groups. These plans contain proposals designed to be compatible with different funding sources and the WFD.