VIRERE – Promoting renewable energy through diversified rural tourism

An innovative environmental training centre was established in Murcia, demonstrating the potentials of renewable energy based on diversified rural tourism.

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Project summary: 

The North-West region of Murcia is characterised by numerous construction sites, intensive agriculture and extensive energy use. At the same time, rural tourism in the area is relatively old fashioned with very little diversification. In this context, the idea for this project was born to combine sustainable rural tourism with theoretical and practical training for people of all ages.

RDP support was used to design the training courses and the associated learning kits on renewable energy for all ages and knowledge levels. In addition, a guesthouse  was built using only bioconstruction techniques. The complex offers a workshop room and accommodation for families and groups of up to nine people.


Project results: 

After the first year, a turnover of 25.000 EUR was achieved, originating 60% from consultancy and engineering projects, 25% from training courses and 15% from the accommodation and guided visits.

The courses evolved and are included in the training curricula of the Engineers Official Association of Murcia.

Local public support has been very strong and interest has grown amongst the public administration and other businesses.

The project has demonstrated and increased awareness of the potential of renewable energy.