Vertical integration on a cuniculture farm in Malta

A cuniculture farm used CAP funds to set up a new energy efficient meat processing unit in order to add value to its final product and improve the farm’s position in the value chain.

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Project summary: 

A Maltese cuniculture farm used to produce rabbit meat on an industrial scale, which was sold on for further processing and marketing. Seeing that demand for rabbit meat was on the rise, the farmer used CAP support to vertically integrate his business. Now, in addition to breeding and rearing the animals, the beneficiary also slaughters, cuts, and packages them on-site before selling the final product directly to customers. The investment has strengthened his position in the market and secured long-term economic sustainability for his family business.

Project results: 

The beneficiary can now sell his high-quality packaged rabbit meat directly to customers. 

The meat processing unit can process up to 100 rabbits per hour. 

The new equipment has helped make water and electricity savings. 

The future prospects of this family-run business are now more secure.