Upgrating a shoe repair and manufacturing workshop

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Thanks to a LEADER supported investment, a shoe repair and manufacturing enterprise constructed its own production facility benefiting from savings on rent and easier access to the market.

Project summary: 

The enterprise specialises in manufacturing footwear for people with disabilities and special requirements which are not available in the market. The enterprise is a small but integrated plant that carries out all stages of shoe production. This includes the design up to the finished product without using any ready parts from subcontractors.

The enterprise contributes to the local economy as it receives orders from Greece and abroad and uses raw materials primarily from the local market of Laconia. The enterprise had been operating since 1977 on the rented ground floor of a building constructed in 1951.

Support from the Greek Rural development programme, enabled the company to relocate to a new building near the central square in the village of Krokees, Laconia. The new building was constructed on a plot of land owned by the enterprise's owner, Mr Apostolos Pampoukis. The ground floor which has a surface of 126.42 m2, is used as a workshop and exhibition space. The basement area of nearly 90 m2, is used to store the raw materials. The new site has been kitted out with the business' existing equipment that was considered fit for purpose. The project enabled the business to carry out some promotional activities such as the creation of a business sign and a website that will help increase the customer base.


Project results: 

Moving to the new private building reduced operating costs and created a better working environment.

The new building is a more attractive and suitable for customers to visit. 

This investment foresees the creation of new jobs and the continued development of a modern, profitable business for the owner's son to take over.

The new location provides easy access to the region’s capital, Sparta, as well as to the rest of the country.