Upgrading a forestry company’s machinery in order to produce biomass in Czech Republic

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A company managing publicly-owned forests purchased new machinery to turn forest residues and logging waste into valuable biomass fuel.

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Project summary: 

The municipal council of the City of Brno - the largest municipal owner of forests in the Czech Republic - sought an opportunity to put the waste produced from logging to good use as a biomass fuel.

The public company (owned by the City of Brno) which manages the city’s forests estimated there to be some 10 000 tn of logging waste produced annually.

The company used support from the Rural Development Programme (RDP) to purchase a powerful shredder that can process shrubbery and trunk wood up to approx. 560 mm diameter. The shredder was selected to be compatible with the tractor which the company had already bought - again with the use of RDP support.

Project results: 
The biomass processing capacity of the municipal heating station is 100% covered by the biomass from the City of Brno-owned forests.
The income from the sales of biomass now constitutes about 10% of the company’s total revenue, helping to stabilise its income.
Logging waste that was once just destroyed by burning, now contributes to the sustainable production of energy.
Using the shredder is available to other forest owners as well.