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Tularù is an organic and multi-functional closed-cycle farm born that began life as a centre for sustainable production. It offers an alternative approach to solving current environmental, social and economic issues for farms.

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Project summary: 

There are question marks about the environmental, social and economic sustainability of mainstream methods of farming. The Tularù project was set up to show the potential of alternative approaches.Tularù is an organic and multi-functional closed-cycle farm that was set up at a centre for sustainable production. The project involves managing 35 ha of arable land, pasture and woods using organic farming methods. Tularù is also collaborating with a research project on introducing the Voisin Rational Grazing System for the management of forage resources in cattle and sheep farms.

Project results: 

Improved soil fertility in the plots that where rational grazing has been applied.

Rational grazing has also increased grasslands biodiversity and improved the condition of pastures, due to the low number of grazing animals

Created a wheat short supply chain, which enables the production of healthy wheat products that meet local needs. It is important that all decisions in the wheat short supply chain are taken by all the actors involved.

Employing three people (including one asylum seeker) during the summer season.