‘The tree of light workshop’ – Supporting local entrepreneurship in a remote rural area

An association working in a remote village in rural Latvia, used RDP support to set up a wood and glass workshop thus creating new employment and income opportunities for the local people.

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Project summary: 

The association “Ūdenszīmes” is located at the remote village Kaldabruņa of around 200 inhabitants where very few employment opportunities are available. The association is focusing on culture and arts, and they realized that there is a sufficient number of people in the community who are endowed with both artistic and technical skills on various crafts.

The association used RDP support to redevelop a former wood processing workshop into a modern wood and glass processing space. Apart from renovation works (lighting, heating, ventilation, etc.) modern working tools were purchased and installed including a laser engraving machine.


Project results: 

This project helped establish social entrepreneurship activity in the village. Personalized souvenirs/gifts can be produced and marketed.

9 local people use this workshop to generate additional income, and develop their skills. Six of them are young people under the age of 30, thus the project will allow them to stay in the village.

When workshop is fully operational, it is expected to increase income by 30% in the first year.

The project helped the association to diversify its activities by offering new training opportunities with the use of new working tools, as well as gain a steady source of income to finance other activities.