Transformation of public space to offer leisure alternatives in rural areas

A LEADER funded non-productive investment project to convert a historical building into a cultural centre with multiple social, economic, and cultural benefits.

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Project summary: 

The Western Asturias region is covered by the Navia-Porcía Development Centre’s Local Development Strategy (LDS). Two of the principal aims of this LDS are to tackle the progressive abandonment of cultural heritage assets and to address the lack of local leisure and culture facilities. In the case of the Casino de Navía building (a listed cultural heritage site at risk of abandonment) this conservation and renovation project has managed to address both issues at the same time. 

Project results: 

The Casino of Navía is now a major piece of public infrastructure which can host a variety of cultural and social events. It also attracts people from other municipalities and regions, which brings important economic and social benefits to the local area, including job creation.