Supporting a young farmer to expand his farm holding

In order to improve the economic performance of his holding, a young farmer received support to increase the cultivated land and to build an irrigated greenhouse for the production of vegetables.

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Project summary: 

The beneficiary, Barbu Alexandru Ionut, is a young person who decided to stay in his village after graduating from school and take over the family farm, thanks to the support provided by the rural development programme.

Supported by the Chamber for Agriculture of his region, the beneficiary prepared and submitted a project proposal to receive support under the setting up young farmers support scheme. The financial support enabled the beneficiary to purchase additional land and set up a greenhouse. In addition, the support received included training for  increasing the quality and volume of production.

Project results: 

The project enabled the farmer to increase his cultivated land by 0.515 ha and improve the farm’s economic performance in respect of 12 000 SO (Standard Output).

The training received by the beneficiary enabled the farm holding to achieve a high level of quality production to meet market demands.