Supporting viticulture on steep slopes and terraces

Granting a premium to support viticulture on steep slopes and terraced vineyards as a high-quality farming practice

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Project summary: 

In many areas of Luxembourg, especially along the Moselle river, winemaking is carried out on hills, steep slopes and terraces with slopes greater than 30%. A premium is provided by the RDP to maintain the vineyards in such areas as a high-quality farming practice.

The premium granted to the Domain Kox vineyards covers 9.6 ha and requires a basic level of commitment by the farmer exceeding the minimum of good agricultural practices. Additional options are on offer in order to further contribute to environmental objectives, such as anti-erosion measures, biodiversity, disuse of herbicides, etc. In this case, the winegrower is using the premium to test new ecological methods.

Project results: 

Increased accountability for environmental protection in relation to customers;

A reduction in the use of synthetic products and non use of phosphates in the vines;

Abandonment of herbicide and insecticide treatments in vineyards;

Regeneration of soil through higher biodiversity in the vineyards.