Supporting the modernisation of a poultry farm

Modernization of a poultry farm by installing new, laying hen equipment and by renovating the production buildings.

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Project summary: 

A farm that produces eggs and which is located in an area of natural constraints, used RDP support to renovate and modernize the operation of two of its production sites, ensuring the competitive production of high-quality eggs and the long-term sustainability of the business.

The project financed the modernization of the production buildings, the supply and installation of laying hen equipment and an egg packing machine, as well as the purchase of a specialized vehicle for transporting the eggs.

Project results: 

The project improved the operation of the farm by modernising the available production assets and physical capital.

It improved the farm’s energy efficiency and working conditions, as well as the hygienic, veterinary, phytosanitary, environmental and other conditions of production.

The easier operation and automation of the bird production process, leads to reduced manual labour and a more effective use of time.

Two new jobs were created by the project, contributing to employment levels in this rural area.