Super Senior - Luxembourg

This project involves inhabitants in the region actively contributing to better social cohesion. It connects different generations in ‘caring for the community’ and is the only intergenerational school support service in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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Project summary: 

The Mouvement pour l’ Egalité des Chances pour Tous – MEC asbl cooperated with the LEADER LAG Regioun Mëllerdall and created and developed an intergenerational school support service. Seniors provide voluntary help to children in Luxembourg primary schools, supporting them with their homework. This academic support promotes intergenerational communication, which is invaluable in terms of sharing knowledge and improving social cohesion.

Project results: 

The project is a real societal success proved by increasing demand from other municipalities who will also implement this service.
· 40 children benefited from school support during the first year.
· 16 seniors were recruited.
· 14 municipalities in the Mullerthal region were covered.
· Nine municipalities in the Moselle region are implementing the service from January 2021.