‘Summer in the Valley’ music festivals in Sweden

A series of locally organised music festivals to promote social cohesion, youth engagement and community spirit.

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Project summary: 

Gislaved is a small community in the Swedish countryside. Over the last couple of years it has experienced problems due to social, economic and cultural differences within the population. Local NGO´s and the Gislaved municipality saw the need for some kind of event to build community spirit during the summer holidays. The project helped to create 4 summer events that would provide a meeting place for local inhabitants regardless of gender, age or ethnic background. Live concerts were accompanied by family-friendly activities, ethnic food and free transportation. The 4 festival days were free of charge.

Project results: 

The series of festivals were a success. Indicatively over 1 000 people participated on the 3rd day of the event.

The project brought together many different parts of the community, including:

30 volunteers from the local sports club at each event

4 local bands

5 local NGOs

7 local businesses