Suderbyn - Community-led development of an ecovillage in Sweden

An ecovillage was developed on Sweden’s Gotland island using EAFRD funding, providing a model for environmentally-friendly accommodation, waste water treatment, food and energy production. The site is also a template for non-consumerist approaches.

Project summary: 

The ecovillage was developed on an old farm on the Swedish island of Gotland. The site was far enough away from urban areas to experiment with alternative water management infrastructure, but close enough for inhabitants to benefit from services such as transport and waste collection.

The Swedish cooperative used EAFRD funding to put in place the basic infrastructure of the ecovillage and initial landscaping such as planting trees and moving soil. A permaculture forest food  garden was created. Equipment such as a solar cooker was also installed, while the site was made accessible to visitors. 

Project results: 

The ecovillage’s basic infrastructure was developed including a permaculture forest food garden.

Initial landscaping was completed such as planting trees and removing soil.

It provided an educational model for environmentally-friendly accommodation, wastewater treatment, food and energy production.

Links were developed with other eco-villages and other projects with a focus on sustainability and environmentalism.